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Post-Cormier Life: Terrifying and Train-Ridden

On January 10th, Patrice Cormier elbowed Michael Tam during a QMJHL game. Unconscious, face-down on the ice, Tam began convulsing. As a result of the hit, he lost several teeth and suffered a concussion that has made his return to the Q questionable. The hit and its effect were heinous. On January 25th Cormier was suspended for the remainder of the QMJHL season.

Below, an incomplete summary of reaction;

Enlightened bros were like, hey, kids know elbowing heads be bad news, right? Others, more like great news, ah HA, but it’s too late for some, they part of the culture, lets send em to jail and suspend they coaches. Writin’ Dads worried about Patrice Cormier and his ilk terrorizing their kids, and one, all sad-like was like, be a baller. Twos wished they had a hot tub time machine; ones wanted to see Scott Stevens legally concuss folk, other was like, disrespect and brain disregard the problem, watch Original Six, they love they heads. A paper said, make Don Cherry stop inviting peeps into his Jacuzzi tub time machine, don’t he know about science. Some asked Leafs, Flames, and Hounds for their thoughts, loved it, and were like totes bro.  And a man believed he was on the Hogwarts Express, and was like, why won’t train stop, it keep crashing, but only go faster. Maybe…

And, unedited, for your reading pleasure…

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