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State of the Podium: Super Sunday Edition

Lazily appropriating the lazy appropriations of others, Own the Podium style!!

Oh Canada: Most are enjoying the Winter Olympics, but where are the medals? – Christian Science Monitor

Still, Canada’s medal haul has been underwhelming, especially given the expectation set by the Own the Podium program: to win the overall medal count – Christa Case Bryant


Ownership uncertain, play it out, North Pole style

For Sale: Podium – Winnipeg Free Press


Up for bidding, Black Sox Style

Amid glitches, Canada making these games a Winner – Vancouver Sun

Do we own the podium yet, or has it been shoved back down our throats? – Cleve Dheensaw


Since the Podium can either be owned or a consistent source of potential asphyxiation, I’m going to assume he’s alluding to Russ Grimm’s regurgitated hot dog

Americans ‘killing it’ at Vancouver Olympics while Canadian athletes can only watch and wonder – The Star-Ledger


Deceased, TJ Lavin style. Lil Wayne’s having a shirt sent over

Morrison blames Own the Podium following 1500m loss – CTV

But as Morrison watched his former training partner accept the silver medal on Saturday, he lashed out at Canada’s ambitious Own the Podium program, which prevented him from training with the superstar American – Grant Robertson


Podium be like J-Coops, circa Season 1, obstructing love

Why this Olympics is already a winner – Toronto Star

All that Own the Podium rhetoric, and the now modified downward expectations, doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans – Rosie Dimanno


Right on Rosie, beans and all